Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Feed My Dog Only Raw?

Dogs can eat a Raw diet or you can tailor a supplemented diet for your dog.

Raw Feeding Calculator


Can I Feed Raw To My Cat?

Yes! Raw feeding is great for your indoor or outdoor cat. You will want to match the raw diet with supplements – check out this great guide for cats.


How Do I Transition My Pet From Their Current Diet To A Diet Including Raw?

Any changes to a pet’s diet requires a transition. So check out these guides to assist in transition to a Raw diet.

Transition for Dogs

Transition for Cats

Have a Picky Cat?

For the complete guide on how to transition your dogs to a raw food diet visit Primal Pooch

Complete Guide


What Are PMR And BARF Diets?

Prey Model Raw (PMR) is a diet that works for dogs, cats, and other pets. Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) is a diet for dogs and other pets.

PMR or BARF for Dogs?

PMR for Cats