Update - Rocky Mountain Pet Food co Frozen Ground Rabbit

Hello to all and Thank you - You have all helped us reach this point in time - 2020. We have struggled getting our product to you - Freight, UPS was to expensive or to slow. We have gone to 1,000 LB. orders via Frozen Semi Delivery to a Frozen holding facility of your choosing. With our Low Price of $3.95 Per LB. Plus Freight we are Very competitive nation wide. We are hoping Raw Feeder Groups and Co-ops will notice us more for their buying power. We have a great bunch of folks working with us who do a Wonderful Job helping us through all the steps this business requires. Way to much work for Ginger and I. They help us maintain our high standards and with our Climate controlled Barns we have Year Around Product. We notice many suppliers run out of product, so with coordination we could be sure you receive a consistent supply. Thank you  Tim and Ginger  Rmpfco. 

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