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Hi - Welcome to Rocky Mountain Pet Food Co. - This has been one very long wild ride. It all started with an idea and a conversation, well hundreds of conversations. All of this has taken 1 1/2 Years to come to this point of getting it to You - the public. From finding the correct breeding stock - building all the infrastructure - creating a sustainable herd of ample size to have available product volume - going through many employees to get proper people who are punctual and care about "your" product from start to finish.  We have struggled - who would of thought - with shipping to get you the best available freight cost's we could find with a short delivery time - We could go on -   Bottom line is we are here with Quality Whole Prey Ground Frozen Rabbit Pet Food - whether you purchase the fresh, frozen, complete rabbit or purchase our fresh frozen, ground Whole Prey Rabbit with Head - Hide - Organs - Bones and Feet - complete - we know you are getting a top notch quality Whole Prey Frozen Pet Food - hands down. We believe it is important to share with you that if we have a sick or potentially sick rabbit we dispatch that rabbit and dispose of it - We will Never process those rabbits into Pet Food.                                                             

To those of you who have been waiting patiently for this day - Thank you                To Amy at Primal Pooch - and Perfectly Rawsome, thank you for the information to help people answer question they may have, you can find  this information under the F A Q's.   Please, if you have any problems feel free to write us - we are here to help and make  this a smooth pleasant experience.  

Thank You Tim and Ginger at Rocky Mountain Pet Food Co.   


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  • Hello – My name is Tim and i am the CEO of Rocky Mountain Pet Food co. Some serious issues have come to my attention and “I” must apologize to all who were effected by them – Shipping and communication – These are “OUR” issues and i would like to let every one know that Personnel changes have been made and i will personally do my best to not have them reoccur. Again, i Apologize for frustrations caused by “MY” company problems and hope we have gotten them eliminated. Thank you for understanding Tim

    Rocky Mountain Pet Food co

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