Pet food companies are being urged to avoid the popular ‘chewies’ brand, with new research showing they’re often contaminated by bacteria that could lead to illness and death.

Read moreThe National Pet Food Alliance (NPFA), an industry association, has written to the UK government asking it to investigate how the ‘chewsies’ pet food is made and to provide recommendations on how to ensure that its ingredients are safe to eat.

“The ‘chewingsies’ brands have become a household name and are widely marketed across the UK,” NPFA president Mike Thompson said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, the ‘Chewiesies’ label is not a safe choice for our pet food.

The NPFA has written the government a letter calling on it to look into whether the brand has been tainted by any bacteria.”

This means that if you eat the ‘toxic’ ‘Chewing Chewies’, you could be consuming the contaminated pet food and that’s a serious problem.”

The NPFA has written the government a letter calling on it to look into whether the brand has been tainted by any bacteria.

In a statement to the BBC, a spokesperson for the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) said the agency was “currently investigating a complaint from a pet food manufacturer which has identified a number of potentially contaminated ingredients in some ‘Chewingsies Pet Food’ products”.

“The FSA is reviewing the complaint to ensure it is not an isolated incident and that there are no other issues identified,” the spokesperson added.

The FSA said it was “looking at the situation to determine the cause of the problem and to determine how best to mitigate the risk”.

The ‘Chewsies Pet Foods’ label on the bottom of the container.

The NPFAs pet food can be found in supermarket shelves across the country.

It comes after a study showed the ‘Chewies’ ‘chewed’ brands are the most contaminated by BSE bacteria.

It found the ‘chunky’ brands were also the most toxic.

The UK government has confirmed that there were three cases of BSE in three people aged between eight and 15, which the agency said was not due to food quality.

But the NPFA warned consumers to avoid eating the ‘Toxic’ “Chewing” brands, because of their potentially contaminated nature.

“We know that the ‘Fuzzy’ brands contain bacteria which could be harmful to pets, and we urge consumers to choose foods which are safe and nutritious,” Thompson said.

“The ‘Tropical’ and ‘Truffle’ brands, which have similar names, contain bacteria that can cause severe illness in dogs.”

It is therefore essential that you read the labels carefully and avoid eating any product that contains these brands.

“The ‘toxics’ brand has also been labelled as the “worst” by the Food Standards Authority.

But Pet Food Standards Association chief executive, Michael McWilliams, said the group supported the government’s approach.”

There are a number other brands on the market that are equally good and are not as toxic as the ‘crawly’, ‘chunkier’ ‘Chunksie’ brands.

“These brands are just not as ‘chewy’ as ‘Chewicky’,” McWilliams said.

“A number of brands on our list have been proven safe for dogs and cats.”

In addition, the fact that they are available in more than 100 UK pet food stores across the entire country shows that we have made it easy for people to choose pet food that is safe to feed their pets.