By Andrew FergusAussie breeder is taking on the tough task of finding the best wild pet food to help her three pet dogs thrive in their new, “wild” home.

Sydney dog owner Emma Tisdale said the dogs’ favourite food was an apple brand called “Wild-food”, which she said was only available in Australia.

“The dogs love the apple brand, they love it, they’re so happy with it,” Ms Tisdales said.

“They love the quality and the flavour, and I think the dogs really like it.”

It’s not a regular brand, it’s not the same as the other brands they know and love, it is a brand we’re really proud of and it’s something that we can use.

“Emma Tisdals’ three ‘wild-food’ dog dogs: Cesar, Kae, KamaSource: SuppliedThe dog owners said they loved the apples, but they were worried about the quality of the food, with some owners claiming it was a mixture of corn and cornflakes.”

When I first got it, it was definitely a mix of cornflake, which was not the most pleasant taste to put on your dog’s mouth, but it was still good,” Ms Mould said.

Ms Mould, who owns two dogs, said the “Wild Food” brand was a popular one for her.”

I know the kids at the local animal park would come and pick up some of the apple food and I would give it to them and then put some in the dog’s bowl,” she said.

The Tisdalls’ dogs were born in the foster home Ms Mild is adopting, but she said she had never given them their own food, until now.”

We’ve been getting emails from people wanting to try it, because it’s very different to the ones they get from the supermarket,” Ms Burt said.

She said it was hard for her to keep up with the demand for her food, but hoped to have the first batch of food delivered to the Tisdales by Christmas.”

At this stage, we’re doing the best we can to get as much as we can from the animal farm, and the people at the animal park,” she added.”

So we’re hoping that they can deliver it at Christmas.

“The Turdys hope to have a supply of the Apple Wild Food in stock by the end of the year, with a Christmas gift for Emma’s youngest, a kangaroo named ‘Tilda’.

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