Pet food is a staple of most households.

But in a market where prices are rising, many of us are struggling to keep up.

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The key is to get the right pet food at the right price, and the best way to do that is with a reliable supplier.

Here’s a guide to what’s available and what to do if you don’t have the funds to purchase it.

How much is a pet food supply worth?

Pet food is sold for about $3 to $4 per 100g of weight, or about two to three servings.

A serving of a food item with a recommended daily dose (RDA) of between 25 to 50mg of a drug can be worth as little as $1.30.

So for example, a 250g bag of PetSmart Petfood with the RDA of 50mg is about $1,250, and that’s a huge discount.

But if you’re buying pet food online, you’re unlikely to find a cheaper price than PetSmart.

Prices start at around $5.99 per 100 grams, and it’s possible to find PetSmart branded pet food for as little $1 per 100gram.

PetSmart sells its pet food in both white and black cans.

White can cost $1 to $2 per 100gm, but PetSmart can also have up to $6 per 100kg in its white can.

You can also find pet food labelled as pet food that comes with a prescription for the drug that is used in pet food.

For example, PetSmart pet food is branded as a medication for allergic reactions.

If you’re shopping for pet food and find that your pet is suffering from an allergy, the best option is to buy pet food from a vet.

There are some reputable vet brands that will also have a pet-specific label on their label, but the best thing to do is contact a vet and see if you can get the price from them.

If your pet suffers from a serious allergic reaction to any of the drugs in pet products, it is a good idea to go to the vet first, especially if you are concerned about the amount of medication that is contained in your pet’s diet.

You can find more information about pet allergy at the Australian Pet Food Association.

You might also be interested in:The Australian Food Institute has an extensive database of pet food brands.

If you need help with your pet food search, you can check out the AFA’s pet food section.

How can I make a better shopping decision?

The most important factor in choosing the right food is to look at the ingredients, not just the price.

Look for brands that have a variety of ingredients, which means they are not all manufactured in the same factory or from the same source.

If the ingredients aren’t from a recognised source, you might not be able to tell which food is the right one.

You also need to look out for the pet food labels.

Many pet food manufacturers have a range of ingredients in their labels, which can help you choose the right product.

You might also want to look for the label for pet shampoo, dog food, and shampoo products.

Find out what your pet has been fed in the past, how much they ate in the last two months, and how much water they were given.

If there are any questions you can’t answer in your search, call your local AFA to find out more.

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