The biggest pet food company on the planet has been on a tear lately, and the companies marketing departments are pushing the latest version of its pet food to pet parents.

It’s all aimed at the young, the hungry and the adventurous, but the results have been mixed.

Read MoreOn the one hand, the big players are trying to make money from the consumer and their own pet’s food.

On the other, they’re pushing a diet of high-calorie foods that have been shown to have high-fat, sugar, and salt content, according to PetaPixel, a website that looks at the food industry.

Pet food companies are trying hard to convince pet parents to use their products, but they’re often getting mixed messages.

One of the biggest pet foods brands is Nestle, which says its Pet Food for Pets products are 100% plant-based.

But a spokesperson told CNNMoney that the brand’s products have a “small amount of animal protein,” which Nestle uses to make its formula.

In a statement, Nestle said it uses plant-derived protein, and that it uses it for the “best quality, plant-free pet food.”

Pet food giant PetSmart said its pet products are “100% plant protein-free,” and said its brands are all “made with ingredients derived from natural sources.”

The big problem for the companies is that some consumers are unhappy with the product they’re buying.

A 2015 study published in the journal PLOS One found that the majority of pet owners were not happy with the results of their pet food.

In the end, pet food manufacturers are relying on their customers to make their own decisions about how to make pet food, and consumers are not always clear about what they should expect from the company.

Pet owners have to be educated about the ingredients they’re feeding their pets, and they have to understand what their pet is eating, said Jennifer C. Miller, the director of the Institute for Pet Care at New York University’s Langone Medical Center.

But consumers have to make the tough choice, said Miller.

If you have a dog who is not eating a whole food diet, then you need to take a look at what is in your dog’s food, what you’re feeding it and what the risks are.

You can’t just assume that all of the foods you are feeding your dog are safe.”Read More