Pet food brands that have been exposed on the Reddit forum Reddit have been sharing photos and videos of their products on the site, which has a user-generated content (UGC) platform that allows people to share photos and video clips.

The subreddit r/petfood was launched earlier this year and has grown rapidly, with over 13,000 users.

But on Wednesday, r/pets, a subreddit for pet owners, was flooded with photos and GIFs of pet food brands being exposed on their site.

A spokesperson for Reddit said that the company takes the safety of its users very seriously and that the Reddit admins have begun an investigation into the situation.

The spokesperson said:”We are taking immediate action to remove this content.

Our admins are looking into the matter, and will provide further details when we can.

We take this matter extremely seriously, and we are taking appropriate steps to address the issue.”

The spokesperson did not provide any further details on how the site would be taking steps to prevent the spread of such images.