Pet food makers are increasingly turning to crowdfunding to support their products.

The demand for pet food products has been growing in recent years, and crowdfunding is helping companies like PetSafe launch their campaigns, which are backed by a portion of the sales.

However, in order to meet the demands of pet owners, most pet food manufacturers are sourcing their pet food from pet food producers, or at least from pet foods suppliers, such as PetSafe and Pet Food Alliance, according to a report published by The Jerusalem Press.

The report, which analyzed the industry and industry data from PetSafe, PetSafe for Pets, Petfood Alliance and other pet food brands, found that more than 85% of pet food suppliers surveyed had launched campaigns in order “to raise awareness for their products” and to raise awareness of the issues they face.

In order to be considered for PetSafe’s pet food campaign, a company has to have launched a campaign, raise at least $50,000, and have at least one campaign on their site with at least 3,000 visitors.

In addition, Pet Safe is required to have a website that includes a link to a Facebook page and blog, which can also be viewed by customers and their friends.

The PetSafe campaign was launched on June 15 and was funded through a Facebook fundraising page, and the PetFood Alliance campaign was started on June 22.

PetSafe for pets has raised $9,500 so far.

Petfood Alliance, which is also a petfood manufacturer, raised $8,000.

PetSafe says it has reached out to more than 1,400 potential campaign sponsors, and has received more than 500 responses from the campaign so far, according the report.

However the company is struggling to meet its goal of raising $10,000 by July 8, the deadline for Pet Safe to launch their campaign.

Petsafe is offering discounts on all PetSafe products for pet owners and their veterinarians.

The pet food industry is booming.

The pet food market in the United States was worth more than $12 billion last year, according an industry report.

A lot of that money went to pet food companies like Kraft and Nestlé, which rely heavily on pet food sales.

But, according a PetSafe spokesperson, PetSmart and PetSafe have been able to increase sales of their pet products by $500 million and $1 billion, respectively, over the past two years.

Petsafe’s campaign is not only aimed at pet food customers, but to pet health and pet wellness consumers as well.

PetSmart’s PetSafe is aimed at people who want to make sure their pet is healthy, and is also marketed to health professionals and people who are interested in improving their pets’ health.

The campaign has received widespread support online, with PetSafe users pledging to donate at least 30% of their total sales to the campaign, according PetSafe.

In addition, there are also some PetSafe campaigns that are aimed at non-pet food consumers.

Pet Safe for pets aims to help pet owners with food allergies, but the campaign also offers discounts on pet supplies and other products, according The Jerusalem Report.

For example, Pet Safety for Pets has partnered with an animal rescue organization in Israel to sell a pet-safe pet food product called Kishkot, which includes ingredients made by the Israeli animal rescue company Avital, PetSafety said in a statement.