A pet food that you love, but your pet hates.

That’s the story of the new pet food called Petz.

It was launched by Israel-based pet food company Petz in Israel.

Petz sells products such as dog food, cats food, cat food and other pet food.

In Israel, Petz has over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Petzl, an Israeli food company, is also a brand that Petz is targeting in the U.S.

The Petz brand, named after the pet’s name, is based on the Hebrew word for “pet” and “food.”

The product has a lot of ingredients that are not in the original Petzl pet food, but are derived from the Israeli company.

For example, Petzl’s product contains “organic” ingredients, while Petz’s is organic.

And while Petzl is a kosher company, Petzey’s products contain kosher ingredients.

The company also makes an exclusive line of Petzl foods that includes chicken, pork, fish and beef, as well as pet food for cats and dogs.

The company says the Petz line will be available in Israel in early 2017.

Petzl also sells pet food made by Nestle in the United States.

It’s a subsidiary of the Nestle Group.

Nestle has a very strong presence in Israel, where it owns the biggest pet food producer in the country, the Israel Animal Care and Control Agency.