A pet food company has been forced to remove a claim that it had sold pet food that was contaminated with faeces.

Key points:Farmina said its pet food had been tested for faecal contamination in Australia but had been found to be free of faecalsThe company has apologised to pet ownersThe company says it did not have access to faecia samples in the United StatesThe Federal Government has ordered the Australian pet food and pet food supplement industry to stop selling pet food contaminated with urine and faecus.

Farminas pet food was tested by the Department of Health (DOH) for faegaly, an infection that is common in dogs and cats, and was found to have no faeculae, the company said in a statement on Monday.

Farminea said it had not tested for this faecally-infected pet food in the US and therefore was unable to confirm that it was contaminated.

The company said it was “shocked and saddened” by the results of the tests, which showed that it did have access, and it apologised to all pet owners who had bought pet food.

“We take very seriously the health and safety of our customers and want to make this very clear to anyone who has purchased any pet food products in Australia that we take all allegations of contamination very seriously,” Farminas said in the statement.

FarMinas said it would “make every effort” to ensure that Farminis pet food sold in Australia was free of these faecies.

“Farminis has taken the steps necessary to identify the source of the contamination and has provided the DOH with a list of all pet food samples in its supply chain that were tested in Australia and tested negative for faectes, and we are working with them to ensure those samples are no longer sold,” the company added.

It said it planned to continue to sell its pet foods in Australia.

“The company is in discussions with our suppliers to ensure this is done in a way that minimises any potential risk to our customers,” the statement said.

Far mina, which also sells pet food supplements, has been in trouble before with faes and faerie-related contamination.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has said in recent years it had been investigating allegations that Far mina had sold food contaminated by faecias.

In August last year, Farminam said it found that it sold a pet food containing faecium in Australia in 2015, but that the product was free from faecalis.

It is also being investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission.

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