New Veruss pet food products from Verus Pet Foods come with a vegetarian ingredient list and a warning on ingredients like “animal proteins,” “vegetable protein,” “plant sterols,” “animal fat,” and “animal fats.”

The company says the ingredients are “to protect the integrity of the ingredients and to ensure the food is safe for animals.”

Verus Pet Food, a subsidiary of Verus Corp., has been selling pet food from Veruss Pet Foods since 2008.

The company has received positive reviews from consumers and consumers are generally happy with the products.

But, Verus has had to add a disclaimer to some of its pet food offerings, saying some ingredients may have been tested on animals. 

The new pet food comes with “vegan” ingredients, including animal protein, plant sterols, and animal fats. 

Verus also added a disclaimer that its pet foods are not certified vegan, and that Veruss does not provide products for people who are vegan or have taken certain dietary supplements.

Verus has been criticized for the ingredients in some of their pet food and some of the other products on the company’s website. 

Many of the products on Veruss’s website have animal products in them, such as eggs, beef, and beef products. 

One of the company�s ingredients on its website is egg white. 

Another ingredient that was added to some Veruss products is “flavorings and extracts,” which the company calls “flavors derived from natural plant sources, including avocado, kiwi, and hemp.” 

Veruss also added the disclaimer that “there is a possibility of exposure to the ingredients contained in this product” and that “veruss pet foods and pet food ingredients may contain trace amounts of any animal product.” 

One consumer who has had a Veruss product complain to the company about the ingredients on his or her food said he is a vegan and that it was not a problem. 

“Veruss Pet Food and Veruss do have vegetarian products on their website,” the consumer wrote in an email.

“I have purchased Veruss Pet Food and Verds Pet Foods and they are vegan. 

I purchased these two products and both are vegan.” 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission told Business Insider that it will investigate Veruss�vegan and vegan products.