The “bounty” for pet foods has once again been born, this time for “pet-friendly” pet foods.

Petfood manufacturers are trying to get you to buy their products, and now they’re targeting the most vulnerable, children.

The FoodBabe blog posted an update Thursday, saying the “bounties” have been extended to include “children, the elderly, disabled adults, the homeless, people who have been physically abused, and others.”

“If you’re one of these people, and you’ve been paying close attention to the news lately, we think you’re ready to make a donation,” the blog post reads.

The blog also states that the rewards will be based on “how much you give us.”

In response to the announcement, PetBabe CEO Shannon Baughman said the “special offers” were a “false advertising ploy.”

“The Food Babe’s website was not intended to encourage people to donate money to their favorite pet food manufacturers.

They are exploiting the desperation of people who are desperate for the same thing that people are desperate to get,” Baughmans spokesperson said.

The food blog also warned that the reward is not a “get out of jail free card,” and that they “are not offering any cash.

This is a cash incentive.”

Baughmans blog also said that the campaign is meant to “target people who most need help the most, who have a higher risk of poverty, or are the most likely to become victims of trafficking.”

Burtons claims that the company will be working with “responsible charities and faith leaders” to provide “the most compassionate and compassionate food possible,” and the rewards “are just a first step in helping those who most deserve it.”

The “Food Babe” website also has a section titled “Your Favorite Pet Food,” where users can donate to the company.

It’s unclear how much the company is offering.

“We’re working with some very responsible organizations and faith-based organizations to help people in need,” Burtmans spokesperson told ABC News.

The “Bounty” program has been in place since the summer.

According to the “Bounties are a Fraud” section on the FoodBabes website, “The bounty program is a false advertising ploy to gain additional advertising revenue by creating a ‘bountiful’ reward for people who donate money.”

The company has also been criticized for the “cash incentives” it has offered to pet owners who give money to its “Babe” campaign.

In August, the company gave out $50,000 in cash prizes to “most generous” pet owners.