Pet food company Essence Pet Food and its founder Jeni Pet Food are proud to tell their customers they are Jewish.

A spokesperson for the company said the company was the victim of an online hate campaign against the company, but declined to say whether the company would respond to the campaign.

The campaign is being conducted by a website called the Anti-Semitic Information Center.

The Anti-Semite organization has claimed responsibility for a string of bomb threats targeting Jewish Community Centers across the country, including in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.

The website, called “The Jewish Information Center,” claims to be an information clearinghouse and “a resource for Jews who may be concerned about being a target of anti-Semitic hate.”

It also claims to offer an “anti-Semitic information and resources.”

A spokesperson with the Anti -Semitic Information center did not immediately respond to The Jerusalem Report’s request for comment.

In a blog post, the Anti –Semite website claimed the anti-Semites behind the threats were “well-organized and well-funded” and the campaign was “an attempt to intimidate the Pet Food company.”

“They know that they are not alone in their hatred,” the blog post said.

The anti-Jewish Information Center is a hate group, a definition of which is difficult to define, but its members have been identified as anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, anti –Israel, anti‐Muslim, and anti –Iranian.

The group’s website states its mission is to “to promote awareness of Jewish-American issues in the United States and around the world and to bring Jewish issues to the forefront of the political arena.”The Anti –Semitic Information Centre also promotes “anti Jewish hate propaganda and conspiracy theories.”

The group has a Facebook page, which it uses to disseminate information.

In its post on the page, the group said it was “not anti-Jew,” but that it would not support anti-Semitism.

“The Pet Food Company is proud to state that our products are kosher,” the post said, “but we are not anti-Kosher.”

The Pet Fords and Pet Food companies also sell products that they say are kosher.

A company spokesperson declined to comment on the company’s policies and practices.