Grove has announced it’s dropping its subscription plans to pet food from its premium pet food subscriptions and will start offering new plans, which include pet food for cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and ferrets.

The company said in a blog post that the new pet food plans are “simply a new way to get and keep your pet’s food.”

Grove also said the new plans are for the “most frequent and high demand pet food categories, and will include exclusive deals, offers and specials that are only available to Grove Premium Pet Food subscribers.”

The new pet foods subscription plans start at $49 per year for cats and $49.99 per year per dog, and $79.99 for rabbits, horses and ferret.

Grove said the plans are designed to allow Grove subscribers to pay for pet food that they want and need without having to worry about their monthly bills.

It said that “at this point, Grove is focused on supporting pet owners through this transition, and we’re looking forward to continuing to provide our premium pet foods for cats with the support and assistance of our Grove loyal customer base.”

Groove also said it’s “proud to support pet owners with our pet food service.”

The pet food companies announced in January that they were canceling pet food purchases for cats.

It was a response to concerns from pet owners about a “growing number of pet food safety issues in the industry” and the increased number of pets with foodborne illness outbreaks.

Pet food companies had been facing increasing pressure to do more to protect pet food and foodborne illnesses.

Pet Food Safety Institute (PFSI), a trade group representing pet food makers, said in January 2018 that pet food manufacturers were under pressure to stop selling pet food to pet owners.

PFSI called pet food manufacturing a “high-risk industry.”

Pet Food Manufacturers Association CEO Scott Hensley said in February 2018 that “pet food makers need to get on top of the pet food problem.”

PFSIs annual survey found that about half of pet owners said they would stop buying pet food if they knew the manufacturers were making unsafe food.

Petfood manufacturers also said that consumers were “trying to get their money’s worth” with pet food.

In March 2018, Pet Food Safe, a trade organization for pet foods makers, reported that the average pet food consumer spent $1,200 per year on pet food in 2017.