Canisource Pet Foods offers some great tips for determining if your dog or cat food is actually made in a facility that is certified organic. 

Here’s a list of some common things to look for when buying pet food from the company:The following are just some of the common things that are important to check when buying dog or cats food:The company uses a company-approved label to show what is in the food. 

This can be a logo on the bottle or a sticker on the side. 

The company can also show the amount of preservatives in the pet food and the amount per 100 grams. 

If the food label shows a percentage, the amount can be added to your dog food.

The dog or pet food label should have the brand name and the date the food was first used. 

It should also show if the food comes from a certified organic farm. 

Canisource uses the name of the certified organic factory, the facility that made the food, the source of the food and if the facility has an online database of verified organic farms. 

“This information can help you determine if your food is the real deal or not,” the company said in a press release. 

Check the ingredients list on the pet product before you buy it. 

Some dog and cat foods contain additives, like coloring and artificial flavors, that are not labeled. 

Other ingredients that are added to the food to enhance flavor and add nutrients can also cause a problem. 

For example, some dogs and cats food contains a chemical called di-glycerol, which is linked to obesity. 

When dogs or cats eat too much of this, they can develop obesity.

The company offers three levels of “natural” or “organic” to dogs and cat food.

This is the most organic and also the cheapest. 

But it is important to note that these labels are just a guideline, and the food is often not the same as what is labeled.

The animal health section on the product’s packaging can be misleading because it often lists ingredients and uses different language. 

Don’t worry, the company says that if you see a difference in the product, the ingredients listed on the label will be more accurate. 

Products should have a “Best by” date and “Produced in USA” or the word “USA.” 

There should also be a disclaimer on the package about the source and the origin of the ingredients. 

Read the label carefully. 

Most of the time, pet food labels have the word Certified Organic on them. 

In cases where the company doesn’t have a certified food source for your dog’s or cat’s food, it’s recommended to use a label that is the official brand name. 

Look for the words “Organic” or a statement that says “Made in USA.” 

Some pet food brands that are made in the U.S. can have the words organic in their names, but the label is not a good indicator of what the food actually is. 

A good way to check if your pets food is certified is to compare it to the company’s own brands. 

An organic pet food will have less preservatives and additives than what is listed on a label. 

While some companies use a higher level of preservative, other brands are less stringent and less likely to have any preservatives. 

To see if your company’s food is real, you can look for the “Organics” label on the packaging.