The CBC is making a pet food product it hopes will appeal to Canadians. is a website that will allow consumers to compare pet food brands, get tips and buy and sell pet food products.

It’s part of the CBC’s ongoing effort to give Canadians more choice in the pet food market.

The site will also provide an online shopping cart where people can buy products and receive shipping details.

The website has received more than 2 million visits since its launch in February.

The project has also helped to promote the use of the Canadian Pet Food Association’s (CPFA) pet food label.

The CPFA says pet food should be safe, healthy and nutritious. says it is designed to help consumers understand the ingredients used in pet food.

The CBC’s Petfood quiz for Canadian citizens is a petfood quiz that helps Canadians identify the ingredients in their favourite pet foods and make a better purchasing decision.

The quiz features the brands, brands and varieties of pet foods that make up Canada’s petfood market.

It includes the ingredients, brands, and varieties used in the brands and their ingredients.

The pet food companies featured on the quiz have made their mark in the Canadian pet food industry.

For example, brands such as Triton, PetSafe, PetSmart, Lola, and Cesar’s are all owned by major pet food makers.

The BBC is giving away two free pet food tests at to CBC readers.

The quiz will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and the answers will help Canadians better understand the products that are available in their area.CBC Marketplace is also giving away three free tests to CBC News subscribers who sign up for CBC Marketplace.