Some pet food brands, including pet food manufacturer PetSmart, have come under fire over safety concerns for their dog food.

In response to a petition by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), PetSmart said it would not be providing dog food to customers whose cats were euthanized because they had a severe allergic reaction to the product.

A petition titled “Please stop selling pet food made by PetSmart to cats” had more than 17,000 signatures as of Wednesday.

PetSmart is also a major supplier of cat food for other brands, according to the Humane Council, a non-profit group that promotes humane eating practices.

The company has been known to take a dim view of cats.

In a recent video posted to its YouTube channel, PetSmart’s CEO, Paul Osterholm, said he would be boycotting PetSmart stores.

The Humane Society, however, said PetSmart had not informed the organization of the cat-related concerns.

The petition also called on PetSmart and its parent company, United Natural Foods, to take action to prevent pet owners from using their cats for food.

The HSUS also asked PetSmart not to sell cat food to individuals with allergies to any of the brands listed.