Pet food companies and consumers alike are scrambling to learn the new pet foods that will replace pet foods previously found in pet stores.

Pet food makers are also exploring ways to make their products more affordable and accessible.

But for some consumers, the new food is less about food and more about the way it will be marketed.

And it’s not just the ingredients and ingredients names that will be different, it’s the way they’re packaged.

Pet food manufacturers will now have to include an “affiliate” tag on the bottom of each package to ensure consumers are getting the food that they pay for.

But there will be no labeling on the packaging for the ingredients.

It is the “brand name” of the pet food that will go on the label.

In some cases, brands will be changed in a similar fashion to how food labels have changed.

For instance, Pet Food Institute’s Dr. Julie Risper told NBC News, the company is moving away from using the word “sausage” on its products, instead referring to the meat product called “chicken.”

“I think it’s a great change,” Risprings said.

“You know that it’s meat and it’s all about sausage.

I think it is a great thing to do.”

The change in packaging has been met with some criticism from consumers.

One consumer who has been trying to switch to Pet Food International’s Pet Food Plus brand for years, said she is disappointed to see the company not include the word Sausage on the front of its product.

“I’m just not sure it’s necessary to have an affiliate on the labels of pet food.

I don’t know what else is required to have that on the package,” the consumer told NBC.

But Pet Food Industry Inc. told ABC News it is committed to providing the best product for pet owners.

“We are committed to offering the highest quality pet food for our customers,” Pet Food Industries Inc. CEO John Gough said in a statement.

“We are excited about this new initiative by the Pet Food and Feeding Institute.”

Pet Food Institute president and CEO Julie Riser says the move is a positive step toward providing the highest-quality pet food available.

“There’s a lot of confusion out there about what’s really what’s actually in pet food and what’s not,” Riser said.

Riser says it’s time to “get on with it” and put the labels out there for the pet owners and the consumer alike.

“As we’re getting more information about the ingredients in pet foods, we’ll start to move into some of those areas,” she said.