Pet food warehouses are increasingly becoming targets for fraudsters who are targeting the pet food industry as they seek to expand their reach.

Pet food retailers such as PetSmart and Petco are the subject of several recent cases of fraud targeting the retail business.

In March, PetSmart was forced to close its Petco outlet after a man claiming to be a former employee from the Petco warehouse was charged with the same type of fraud.

A similar man was arrested in May in connection with the PetCo theft.

Another scam in October targeted a PetSmart pet food warehouse in Ohio.

A man posing as a former Petco employee claimed he was a current employee and wanted to sell the company’s pet food products.

The scamster, identified as James P. McArthur, used the email address “[email protected]” to contact customers with the goal of obtaining them to pay a $1,000 deposit.

The scammer was caught by security cameras and a customer identified as Peter, who was not involved in the scam, contacted the PetSmart manager.

After meeting with the manager, Peter learned that the fraudulent emails were being sent to a number of people.

He then contacted his local police department.

The owner of the Pet Food Warehouse that was victimized in the October scam, Petco Pet Care, told ABC News that the scammer has been terminated.

“He has been removed from our network and we’re not making any further statements,” the company said in a statement.

In addition to PetSmart, other pet food retailers that have been targeted by the scamsters include PetSmart Pet Care and PetSmart’s Petco grocery store.

The company’s chief executive officer, Kevin DeMarco, told The Next Spoke that he did not think PetSmart would be affected by the latest incident.

“I think the PetFood brand will continue to thrive,” he said.

“The PetSmart team has been vigilant and diligent in the security of our network to protect customers, including our customers who purchased PetFood products,” he added.