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Offering Whole Ground Rabbit pet food in bulk wholesale orders to the U.S.A.  Minimum 1000 lb order requirement.  $3.95 per pound plus freight which is determined upon delivery location.   Feel free to contact us at, for any questions and quotes.

Natural Food for Healthy Pets

FDA Registered

Like many ranchers, our herd is more than just a product to us. We care about our animals, and we interact with them daily during feeding and cleaning. The herd does have a purpose, but they have more of a place in our lives than just a product.

FDA Registration #19550072002

We Do One Thing And We Do It Right

We raise our herd ethically in a clean environment. We feed with only quality pellets and hay, supply ample clean water and FRESH air. Our herds are raised in a temperature controlled environment, allowing for year round harvesting. They are also monitored through regularly scheduled Veterinarian visits

Product Of North Idaho, USA

We raise all of our meat products. We do not use any 3rd party meat producers. We raise our herd on our land, in North Idaho, allowing us to ensure that our uncompromising commitment to ethical and quality standards is met.

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